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What's So Civil About the Dead Anyway?

Review: The Civil Dead, 2022


I don't often watch grown-up movies these days, so when I do I'm usually surprised by how weird they are. Not exactly weird, but if you've spent years watching singing animals and similar stupidity, anything akin to normal existence is a shock to the system. This movie, though, was definitely weird, as in weird.

Except that I think I know every character. They inhabit my life--geeky, awkward, smart, annoying, not very likeable, alive. But they might be likeable. Maybe you're misjudging them, but it's impossible to tell.

I don't think I'm giving much away by saying not all of characters are alive, given that the movie has the word Dead in the title. I won't give anything else away, though. Craig figured out the end before it happened, but I didn't, and it left me with my mouth hanging open.

That being said, my adventures in adult movies (not ADULT movies, just movies for adults) was well worth the time in bed that I sacrificed. Especially when you find out that they made this film for a mere $30,000, this film becomes especially impressive. Still, it leaves me wondering how to feel about it, which is certainly different than children's movies, who pretty much all set out to make you laugh. This movie will not make you laugh, but it is funny (as in odd).

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