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Personal Oral History: Conversation You Can Keep

You and your loved ones have important stories

Let me help you collect and preserve them!

Step 1: Pre-Conversation

First we'll have an initial discussion in person or on the phone to decide details and get to know each other. Then you'll provide me with a personal "artifact box.' I will use these to get to know you (or your loved one) and develop conversation starters. I will also spend some time conducting background research so that I am better prepared for our conversation.

Step 2: Conversation

The Process

Next, we arrange your conversations! We'll meet and go through the artifacts box, with me prompting and asking questions to keep the memories coming!

Step 3: Post-Conversation

This is where I work with your audio and images of artifacts if you choose to include them. You sit back and relax! Let me do all the work.


*I am an historian, but I am not a genealogist. For genealogical research, I can help you find someone who can meet your needs.

**All design and printing is done through

***I can take digital images of you or artifacts at the time of the conversation. However, I am not a professional photographer. I can help you find a photographer if you would like more complete photographic services.

Get in Touch

Based in Asheville, NC

Travel included under 50 miles

Tell me a bit about yourself and what kind of project you are hoping for and I'll be in touch!

Thanks for submitting!

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